Hand-printed designs on ethically sourced textiles.

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Rather than following trends, we design textiles that will fit in your life for many years to come.

Inspired by the Australian landscape, we are passionate about creating textiles that have minimal impact on the earth. Using organic cotton/hemp and eco-linen basecloths sourced from Certified Mills we ensure that our textiles have inherent longevity and are free from harmful chemicals. Rather than following current design or fashion trends too closely we aim to develop textiles that will fit in your life for many years to come.

We are inspired by Australia's native flora & fauna and aim to respect our environment through all that we do.

We also love working within the limitations of screen printing and hand printing, with all of our designs requiring only one or two colour separations. We often use overprinting, screen flips and displacements to create beautiful results from only a single screen.

Our textiles are available as meterage, homewares, apparel & custom made curtains, blinds and upholstery. The full collection can be viewed at our Abbotsford Convent studio & showroom and select retailers and interior specialists.


It's at the heart of what we do.

Our desire to live, work and create in an ethical and sustainable manner has influenced how Ink & Spindle was established and has developed since 2008. Everything from the materials we carefully select, to our production processes, to our everyday business decisions. More in-depth information can be found on our Environment page.

We believe that it's important to be as transparent as possible about sustainable and eco friendly practices. We're not perfect, and there are still elements of our business that we would like to improve upon, but below is a list of practices we currently employ to minimise our impact on the earth:

  • We promote and use certified organic & sustainable base cloths.

  • We design for longevity, not conforming to short term, seasonal trends.

  • We use water based, organic certified inks. We minimise water wastage by using high pressure to clean screens.

  • We have a water-board certified separation system to prevent waste ink particles from entering waterways.

  • We use recycled paper, card, envelopes, and reuse boxes & packaging materials where possible.

  • We use recycled card or home-compostable mailing satchels for online orders, instead of plastic.

We proudly reduce our carbon emissions by offsetting with Carbon Neutral. We also partner with Carbon Neutral's Plant-A-Tree program, helping to capture carbon, reduce salinity and restore local native flora & fauna.

  • 1795 Trees & shrubs planted
  • 40 Tonnes of C02 offset

About Us

We are so grateful to have a fantastic team of passionate, hard-working women helping to bring our textiles to life and into your homes. Not only to our team bring their energy and enthusiasm into the studio every day, but they each have a creative endeavour of their own which we are proud to support. From left to right: Dana, Lara, Anna, Sora, Brit & Caitlin.

Lara & Caitlin

Lara's & Caitlin both spent their childhoods surrounded by nature, exploring creeks and bushlands near home and the coast. With backgrounds in graphic design, interior design & landscape architecture they weave together a variety of skills & passions in leading the Ink & Spindle team. Together they design the textile collection, develop new product ranges and are at the other end of the phone and email!

Find Lara on Instagram at @laracameron

Find Caitlin on Instagram at @caitlinklooger

The Print Team

Lead by our Studio Manager Sora, our beloved print team are responsible for bringing our textiles to life. Working in pairs they make their way down the table, printing each length of fabric by hand in a series of interlocking repeats.


The lovely Dana is in charge of all in-house manufacturing in our studio. Cushions, bedlinen and napery are all made by her skilled hands, and together we workshop new product ideas.


We love the tactile and organic nature of screen printed textiles, with each length of metreage carefully printed by hand on our 13 metre table. Each screen measures 1.8m tall and requires two people to handle at all times. We work our way down the table producing each design through a series of interlocking repeats.

Each colour is hand mixed in the studio using water-based, organic certified inks.

When printing we use only water based, certified organic inks. Our range of basecloths include blends of GOTS certified organic cotton, hemp, and OEKO-TEX certifed eco-linen, in light, medium and upholstery weights.

Once the fabric is printed we hang it up to dry, freeing up the table for the next print run. Once dry it is sent off to be cured in a specialized oven, making the fabric washable and increasing UV resistance.

All manufacturing is done in house or within 40km of the studio.

All our cushions, bedding and tableware are made in house, or by local makers within 40km of the studio.

You are welcome to visit our Abbotsford Convent studio and showroom to watch us print!


Since the pandemic we have ceased our formal intake process and instead just take interns on a case by case basis. Please email us if you are interested in a placement. More information on our internships can be found in the FAQ section of our site.


The following businesses stock our products, meterage or just sample hangers to facilitate custom orders.